Dallas Children's Charities

The History of The Dallas Children’s Charities

A number of years after the conception of the Dallas Margarita Society and the success of the Dallas Margarita Ball, it was obvious that a more effective and appropriate means for collection of contributions and distribution of funds was required.  This facilitated the creation of the Dallas Children’s Charities in 1994.

The Dallas Children’s Charities is the collaboration and distribution arm of the Dallas Margarita Society.  Working with charitable organizations within the Dallas / Fort Worth are and surrounding communities.

Today, the Dallas Children’s Charities is stepping out of the shadow of the Dallas Margarita Society in launching their new website targeted specifically at the charitable portion of the organization.

And because of our success we are able to assist the At-Risk Children of the Dallas / Fort Worth area and support those local community charities that are on the forefront and in the trenches with these Children!

And it is You that make the difference. Thank You!