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How to get involved with the Dallas Margarita Society / Dallas Children’s Charities!

Become a SUPPORTER (click here) – our supporters are the very core of the community support that propels the mission of DMS/DCC. Supporters follow our activities through our network of friends, our Facebook group, and our group email announcements. They participate in all the activities they can, whenever and wherever they can, by joining us for DMS Happy Hours, playing in our DMS Golf Tournament, attending our Annual Margarita Ball, volunteering at the LFK Christmas party, or coming out with us during other DMS-sponsored special events during each year. To become a SUPPORTER, just go to our website, sign up on our email list, and come join us at Happy Hours! We want to get to know you! Lots of folks start out as Supporters and grow their involvement into many other forms, as you’ll see below.

Become a VOLUNTEER (click here) – DMS/DCC hosts multiple events each year, many of which would not be possible without the gracious assistance from hundreds of folks who volunteer to help us. Volunteers join us to assist during our Annual Margarita Ball, our support for the LFK Christmas Party, our DMS Golf Tournament, and occasionally for charitable events that we host or support – like the Kids Bike Rodeo, sponsored by the Dallas Police Department. Volunteers get to know us more intimately than our supporters in two ways. First, we work together side by side with a common theme in mind – the real fun is really in “pitching in to do it together”. Second, we sometimes have Volunteer-Only parties just to say “thanks” to our great Volunteers. Since our events are distinct – hosting social parties to raise funds or activities where our beneficiary children are in also attendance – we lightly screen our Volunteers to assure proper character and decorum. We couldn’t do it without our Volunteers, so if you have a little free time and love to have fun, just go to our Facebook page or our website, sign up to become a VOLUNTEER, and we’ll contact you about helping with our events!

Become a SPONSOR (click here) – our Supporters keep us going, our Volunteers help us do the work, but our Sponsors are the financial backbone that enables us to reach out to the thousands of children that DMS/DCC assists each year. Sponsorships range from $500 to $25,000 and above. Every year, our group of Sponsors has grown and DMS/DCC is blessed by their support. Each Sponsorship level carries with it certain privileges and we host special Sponsors-Only events, too. Check out the Sponsor info on our DMS/DCC website or ask a Director or Member and we’ll be glad to share the program with you. We’re always amazed to learn where our Sponsors first heard about us and, as mentioned above, some just started out as Supporters, got to know us, got to love what we do, and decided they wanted to do more. For all the gifts and good services we do each year, DMS/DCC spreads the butter around, but our Sponsors provide the bread. Come join our SPONSORS group! We need you!

Become an EVENT COLLEAGUE– numerous organizations have recognized the charitable opportunity, social responsibility, and commercial benefits that can come from associating one’s enterprise with the social and charitable activities of DMS/DCC. Throughout the year, our organization is open to working with companies that can both support our mission and deliver fun events and/or superior value to our Supporters. To find out more about becoming an EVENT COLLEAGUE with DMS/DCC, contact our Public Relations and Marketing Committee through our website.

Become a MEMBER – our corporate charter allows, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, for the inclusion of a group of Members to be involved in the core activities of DMS/DCC. Membership is determined through a careful process that renews each year at the organization’s Annual Meeting. However, to even quality for consideration, candidates are considered from among those who we have come to know through long-term friendships with them or from their past participation with DMS/DCC in other capacities. With almost four decades of charitable legacy to safeguard, we get to know people before considering them as candidates and then, all member prospects must (a) be recommended by at least two sponsoring Directors, (b) be subjected to a background screening process, and (c) be approved by a majority vote of the organization’s Board of Directors. If approved, Members pay annual dues to the organization to defray the expense of their involvement in the social activities of the organization. Members have no standing with regard to organizational governance, but do enjoy the privileges of joining the Directors of DMS/DCC in our own internal events and in the fund-raising, community service, and event-hosting that the organization undertakes each year. During one’s service as a Member of DMS/DCC, the contributions of one’s time, talent, and camaraderie are monitored closely by the Board of Directors to determine if the renewal of one’s Membership is warranted in the coming next year. Those who exhibit exemplary service become the DMS/DCC Members pool from which new Directors will be chosen by election to fill the seats of departing Directors as vacancies occur from time to time within the Board of Directors.


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