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The Dallas Children’s Charities is a non-profit organization, that relies on the generosity and dedication of the many caring individuals in our community to volunteer and support the mission of the Dallas Children’s Charities.

Throughout the year, the Dallas Children’s Charities solicits the help of Volunteers, such as yourself, to support the many fund-raising activities that we participate in. Events such as the Dallas Margarita Ball and participation in the Love For Kids Annual Christmas Party are just a few of the volunteer opportunities. Volunteers of all ages are welcome however a few of them require a minimum age of 21 years to participate in.

Your volunteer service provides the foundation for the Dallas Children’s Charities to be successful in supporting the many local area charities that support At-Risk children in the North Texas area through out the year.

So get involved in our community and be a volunteer and support the Dallas Children’s Charities! The participation is fun, rewarding, and has a long-lasting, positive impact on the At-Risk Children in our community. You make the difference!

And on behalf of the Directors, Director Emeritus, Members, and the Sponsors of the Dallas Children’s Charities, a big heartfelt “Thank You!”

So get involved and register online today! Thank You!

Click on the following link to register as a Volunteer for the Dallas Children’s Charities!

Please contact us if you have any questions about being a Volunteer. To do so, please fill out the form below. Thank You!

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